Education is the single most important issue in this campaign! In the House of Representatives, Craig led the fight against charter schools and the “Accountability Act” program that takes money out of public schools to pay for scholarships to private schools (38% of the schools receiving scholarships are not even accredited!). Craig continues to stand up to those who want to raid the education budget to pay for prisons and other government programs. Craig believes that everyone between the ages of 4 and 64 should either be in a good school or a good job! That’s why Craig continues to support the state’s pre-K program (which is consistently ranked as one of the top pre-K programs in the entire country), fight for more investment in career technical and computer and technology training. Craig is also leading the charge for a state lottery to provide every student with the opportunity to attend a community college or university and earn a degree or professional certification.


Craig is the loudest voice in Montgomery calling for a state lottery, and introduces a lottery bill every year. In 2016, Craig personally secured the votes needed in the State House of Representatives to pass a lottery after it failed on the first vote (that lottery bill ultimately died in the State Senate).

Craig prefers an education lottery that would pay for the first two years of college for any student who gets accepted into a state university or community college. This would open up funding for students who only want an associates degree or professional certification, and include those who are going back to school after spending time in the workforce.


Craig saved 1,400 jobs at the Gadsden Goodyear plant, and created another 190 jobs there, when he wrote the bill that created the Industrial Development Authority. He has also secured funds that will improve our infrastructure and make us more attractive to business and industry.

Craig understands that the key to growing our economy and creating jobs is to combine infrastructure development and local and state incentives with an educational system that prepares our kids and those already in the workforce (through workforce development training) for the jobs of tomorrow. Craig is a strong supporter of career technical and vocational training programs, investing in computer and technology programs in our K-12 schools, expanding the state’s pre-K program and creating a state lottery that will allow every child to have a chance at earning a degree or professional certification.

Craig also sponsored legislation to make it the law that Alabama businesses get first priority on all government contracts, and he has sponsored legislation that gives tax breaks to employers who hire veterans.


Craig voted against the $13.8 million tax increase on prescription medication and the $10.4 million tax increase on people in nursing homes, and he co-sponsored legislation to make sure that children with Autism can receive the therapy they need.

Since 2010, 10 hospitals and dozens of local doctors’ offices and nursing homes – mostly in rural Alabama – have shut down due to a lack of state funding. Craig is working with leaders in both parties, as well as with doctors, hospitals and nursing homes, to make sure the state’s Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Programs are properly funded for the future.


Craig personally secured the funding to extend I-759 and Hwy 77 in Attalla, and he is working with state leaders to provide the funds to finish widening Hwy 411 and complete the Southside Bridge.

Improving our local roads and bridges is not just a matter of economic development and relieving traffic congestion – It’s a matter of public safety! By investing in our local roads and bridges, we can improve the flow of traffic, grow local businesses and bring in new business and industry, and save lives in the process. And Craig will make sure that these roads and bridges are being built by Alabama workers employed by Alabama companies!


Craig Ford is pro-life and has always supported pro-life legislation in the Alabama House of Representatives. In the State Senate, Craig will continue to support pro-life policies and will fight to cut the red tape that makes it harder for qualified, middle-class families to adopt a child.


Craig is one of only four lawmakers in the entire legislature to receive the highest possible rating from the NRA. Craig is a life-long gun owner, an outdoorsman who enjoys hunting and fishing, and a member of the Alabama National Guard, where his responsibilities have included overseeing the Guard’s guard ranges at Ft. McClellan.


Craig single-handedly killed the lube-oil tax increase, which would have drastically raised taxes on hydraulic and motor oils used in gasoline and farming equipment!

Craig is a strong supporter of the rural broadband initiative that will improve and expand wireless internet access throughout rural Alabama. Craig is also working to build an agribusiness center as a part of the Etowah Mega Sports Complex.


Craig is a proud member of the Alabama National Guard. In the Legislature, Craig has supported and authored legislation to incentivize employers to hire veterans, worked to increase funding for veterans’ scholarship programs, and fought to protect funding for veterans healthcare.